Your Curtis product is designed for long term reliable service. However you may have occasional operational difficulties. Some problems are easily remedied without the need of a service technician. Check the following before calling for service:

  • High Temperature – Opening and closing the door will result in a temporary rise in temperature. Remember, the thermometer indicates air temperature, not product temperature. Loading your unit with warm product will result in a rise in air temperature until product heat has been removed. During defrost cycles, the temperature readout may rise slightly. Never attempt to adjust the condensing unit controls. All controls are factory preset to allow for proper operation.
  • Ice on coil – Ice or frost on the evaporator coil is normal in freezers. The auto-defrost system is designed to eliminate any normal frost accumulation on the coil every 6 to 8 hours. Excessive ice accumulation is not normal and can be caused by high ambient humidity, excessive use, improper condensate draining, faulty drain line heater or leaving the door open for prolonged periods.
  • Compressor failure – If the compressor is not running, first make sure the unit is not on defrost as the condensing unit shuts down for the cycle. Check the breaker and fuses even if the lights inside the cabinet still function.
  • Condensate pan – If the pan is not working properly, the condensate will overflow onto the floor. Make sure the pan is plugged in and positioned correctly. Check for faulty fuses even if the condensing unit and coil fans are still operating.

If you continue to have operating difficulties after checking the above, call for service. Do not leave your service call until too late in the afternoon if you require same day service. For out of warranty units call your local refrigeration mechanic. If you are unable to find a refrigeration mechanic, our sales office can recommend one.