Freezers & Coolers

Curtis Walk-in Systems consists of sectional, modular prefabricated panels, designed for ease of installation, high insulation value, usable storage capacity and reduced operating costs.

Thousands of Curtis Outside Walk-in units are in service all over North America. The flexible design lets you economically add freezer, cooler or dry storage space as your needs grow. Curtis Outdoor Walk-Ins eliminate complicated planning and costly construction.

Curtis builds quality reach-in refrigerators that last. We deliver the best value and service possible for your refrigeration investment. Curtis Coriente series is a complete line of SECTIONAL reach-ins, roll-ins, backbars and undercounters that can be delivered even to those difficult to reach areas.

Curtis can now offer its own Manual and Powered heavy Duty Sliding Door with controls by Curtis. Featuring clean door design, quiet belt-driven operation, and ease of use and operation.