Outdoor Walk-In Coolers / Freezers

Thousands of Curtis Outside Walk-in units are in service all over North America. The flexible design lets you economically add freezer, cooler or dry storage space as your needs grow. Curtis Outdoor Walk-Ins eliminate complicated planning and costly construction.

With Curtis’ thru-the-wall installation, your outside walk-in becomes an integral part of your operation; remodel or expand without sacrificing valuable inside floor space.

A 10′ x 20′ Curtis Outdoor Walk-in can save 200 square feet of floor space, eliminate the need to add floor space, or reduce the required size of a new building. With construction cost over $100 per square foot, an inside unit would sit on $20,000 worth of floor space.

Curtis Outdoor Walk-ins Include

  • Outdoor refrigeration systems
  • Low ambient refrigeration controls
  • Fully insulated steel or aluminum-clad floors
  • Quality control in all phases of construction, ensures consistent product quality

Curtis Outdoor Walk-in Options

  • Custom sizes
  • A variety of colour finishes
  • Numerous lighting choices
  • Various temperature holding ranges from -30° F to +80° F
  • Ramps, both interior and exterior