Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations (NRCan)

Walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler components are regulated under Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Energy Efficiency Regulations and the Energy Efficiency Act.

Canadian Curtis meets the energy efficiency standard set out in the Regulations.

Walk-In Units

  • 4 inch thick panels, and doors with a R value of R8 per inch ensure our products meet the R 32 values standard.
  • Our nameplate labels include manufacturer, model number, date of manufacture in both French and English. Curtis Walk-In panels are suitable for both freezer and cooler applications.
  • We use LED lights and our KE2 system to shut off lights and perform other energy extra energy saving functions.
  • We use automatic door closers and also recommend spring hinges.
  • All our refrigeration suppliers have undergone testing and manufacture certified products that meet the 2020 standards.

*Units under 15,500 BTU/HR and walk-ins in excess of 3000 square feet are exempt from the regulations.

Reach-In Products

Curtis’ commercial 1, 2 and 3 door models have passed Intertek ETL certification.

*Roll in and pass through products, and Reach Ins for medical applications are exempt from the regulations.